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National Van Lines

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Affordable Solutions for Smaller Long Distance Moves

Whether you're moving a dorm room or an apartment, when you’re moving across the country, you can count on Small Hauls from National Van Lines to get your things where you need with less fuss, fewer hassles, and less expense than traditional moving companies. 

Other companies will charge extra fees, have longer delays, or even worse...

Small Moves, Long Distance

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"Our move coordinator Michael Hartung was extremely professional and thorough with helping us out in every step of the move."

2800 West Roosevelt Road
Broadview, IL 60155
Phone: 708-938-4136

U.S. DOT No. 76628
FMCSA No. MC42866

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Small Hauls offers benefits that other long distance movers can’t give you.

  • Your belongings are sealed in a crate/vault at the origin of the move and nothing is handled until it reaches your new home. Other movers will sometimes “shift” a load to different trucks. With Small Hauls, your belongings stay sealed in a moving vault. If there is a “shift” then everything stays together!

  • We GPS track your shipment from start to end so our team always knows where your belongings are.

  • We can tell if your shipment is dropped, opened before arrival or exposed to water.

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